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you're watching nbc 4, washington's news leader. now, live in hd, this is news4 at 6:00. a working saturday here in washington at the white house and on capitol hill. lawmakers are in last-minute talks to raise the debt ceiling before time and money run out. good saturday evening. i'm wendy rieger sitting in for craig melvin. top leaders met with the president to try to come up with a plan that will pass. the focus has shifted to the senate. house republicans weighed in on the senate plan and it sounds like it won't go anywhere. the senate plans to move forward with a test vote overnight. brian moore is on capitol hill tonight with the latest. >> reporter: as the top
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democrats in the house and senate huddled at the white house, the republican counterparts announced they've resumed debt ceiling talks with president obama. >> our country is not going to default for the first time in history. that is not going to happen. >> it's time for the president to outline how we get out of this cul-de-sac that he's driven us into. >> all that's need sd a simple vote that the democrats and republicans have taken for decades. >> no. >> reporter: it was a day of sound and fury, but no sign of a deal, with tuesday's deadline looming. even before the senate could vote on a plan by majority leader harry reid, the house voted it down. >> the rules are non-suspended and the bill is not passed. >> reporter: that was political payback, a day after the senate after they spiked john boehner's plan. >> the republicans have in effect taken america hostage and disrupt the essential business of government unless they get policy concessions they would
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never have been able to get through legislation. >> reporter: each side accusing the other of political theater. >> madam speaker, listen -- >> the gentleman will suspend. >> reporter: a drama going down to the wire with a deadline days away. house members have been told not to expect a sunday vote but to be ready to head back here in a hurry if they're needed. on capitol hill, brian moore, news4. >> stay for continuing coverage as the debt deadline approaches. we'll have updates throughout the weekend on air and online at family and friends have launched and extensive search for a springfield man who disappeared without a trace. three weeks ago today oscar reported to work, but a phone call that afternoon was the last time anyone heard from him. darcy spencer is live in springfield with more on this mysterious disappearance. darcy? >> reporter: wendy, right, friends and family have handed
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out 10,000 of these fliers over the last few weeks. they do have hope that he's going to return home safely at some point. but each day they grow more and more concerned. 29-year-old oscar disappeared three weeks ago. at his springfield home, family members are worried. they're burning candles and praying he'll return home safely. >> we have hope. we pray every night here. we got together to pray, because that's the thing that we can do. >> reporter: he was last seen on saturday, july 9th at his job site on international drive in mclean. he called his boss and said he was meeting some friends that night, but hasn't been seen or heard from since. >> three weeks is a long time for somebody not to come home tlsmt's no credit card activity, no cell phone activity, no bank movements. >> reporter: vel asco borrowed his uncle and aunt's van to go to work. it was found a little more than a week later.
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police searched it but there was no indication anything was amiss. >> it's not normal somebody goes to work and doesn't come home. it just -- that's really sad. and my goal is to know where is he, and what happened to him. and, you know, hopefully see him home safe. >> reporter: he's from bolivia. he came to the united states as a teen in search of a better life. relatives and friends have handed out thousands of fliers hoping to find out where he is, hoping he hasn't met with foul play. >> i don't even want to think that something bad happened to him. because that's what keeps us looking for him. in the end, we want to know about him. we don't want a missing person forever. >> reporter: now, police are investigating this case, including connections he may have to the hyattsville area. right now they say there's no sign of foul play. anyone with information about where he may be, is asked to call fairfax county police. in springfield, darcy spencer, news4.
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>> thank you, darcy. at least 50 atm users in dunkirk had cash stolen from their bank accounts and there could be more victims. the man in this picture placed a skimming device on the atm at the sun trust bank on southern maryland boulevard. that device recorded bank card numbers of anyone who used that machine. police say it was put there on july 23rd. and was there for a little more than a day until someone noticed it. 50 customers had about -- had between $500 and $3,000 taken from their accounts. and it is also likely that dozens more had their information stolen. the weak impact of tropical depression don was disappointing for those who are living in the drought-ridden states of the southwest. millions desperately need rain to recover from one of the worst dry spells in decades. from texas to southern colorado and new mexico, cattle and crops all suffering from triple-digit temperatures, with little water.
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economists say agriculture losses in texas alone are more than $8 billion. the impact on the nation has yet to be seen. >> i have never in my 30 years in weather seen a drought like this. >> when drought affects here, we see it in prices of everything from the clothes we wear to the food we eat. >> ranchers are also worried about protecting their livestock from rabies. water dries up and animals come in closer contact with each other. an apartment building in green belt, maryland, still does not have air conditioning. we met a family who used their car as a refuge from their hot apartment. another resident we spoke to was eight months pregnant. the apartment's air conditioning problem is not a pepco issue, but within the unit itself. the manager is ordering a part that would fix it, but it has yet to come. two american hikers held in
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iran on espionage charges could soon be freed. shane bauer and josh fatal are scheduled to appear in court tomorrow. fattal, bauer and his fiancee shourd were arrested. sarah shourd was released last year. their attorney is hopeful the men will be pardoned. there is a tradition of pardoning prisoners during the holy month of ramadan, and it begins next week. american exchange student amanda knox was back in an italian courtroom today hoping a new look at evidence will get her murder conviction overturned. in her appeals trial, knox's attorneys are challenging dna from the first trial. after her conviction, two independent forensic experts say the knife that was used in the attack was likely contaminated. today prosecutors questioned the experts on their analysis, but the experts repeated that the dna too tainted to be attributed
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to anyone. still ahead, a plane crash splits in two. how they managed to walk away from this crash. the redskins get their first peek at how the team's shaping up. another royal wedding, but this royal made some very different choices from her cousin will. and chuck, are we going to get a break? >> we've got a little bit of a break today when the temperatures only reached 97 degrees here in washington. but i think a little more cooling is headed our way for tomorrow. what about any more record heat
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157 passengers and 6 crew members walked away from this plane crash today in south america. the caribbean airline 737 was attempting to make a landing in georgetown, guyana, when it overshot the runway and broke into several pieces, as you can see there. everyone survived. three passengers had to be hospitalized. there was heavy rain and fog at the time of this crash. the flight had originated in new york, made a stop in trinidad before crash landing there in georgetown. the british royal family is celebrating another wedding. today it was prince william's cousin who walked down the aisle. sarah phillips tied the knot in ed inborough, scotland. hundreds of well wishers including the duke and duchess of cambridge were in attendance.
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this one was closed to the public. sarah phillips is a world-class equestrian who is expected to compete in next year's olympics. a rally for education on the elips is this afternoon. matt damon attended the "save our schools" rally. it was put on by national and local members. they demand that they improve education for all students here in the united states. still to come, another sign of the federal cash supply is short. the u.s. company with more money than the u.s. treasury. the heat wave continues, not as bad today. we are on our way to breaking lots of records this month. chuck will tell us
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there's word tonight apple computers has more money than the u.s. treasury. apple's got $76 billion in the cash. it still spends far less than the u.s. government. which will be spending close to $3.8 trillion this year. after a four-month lockout, the gates were open wide at the park in ashburn, and hundreds of redskins fans showed up to check out this year's team. yesterday was the first practice, but today was the first one open to the public. many who made the trip walked
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away with autographs, saw the new faces at this year's camp, saying they were pleasantly surprised by t turnout and support for the fans. >> this is my first personal experience. it can be real desensitizing, like going to school in nebraska or anywhere in college and getting a lot of fans. but this experience has been awesome. after the lockout, for the support that they've showed, i'm pretty amazed. >> next weekend's open practice is expected to bring out large crowds. there are a total of 11 open practices this season. coolers are allowed. non-alcoholic beverages only. the lawn chair and blanket are highly recommended. there are no bleachers there. well, sometimes friends come in the most unusual places. in thailand a young chimpanzee's new playmate happens to be a tiger cub, or tiger cubs. 2 nld yfld dodo lives near bangkok. last year his trainers saw he
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wasn't afraid of the tigers. he now bottle feeds the cubs every day. sometimes he neglects his duties, he just wants to play around with them. i'm sure they don't mind that. isn't that cute? right now dodo and the cubs are about the same size. but eventually, of course, the tigers will prevail. that is very, very sweet. >> so cute. >> sweet little guys. all right. >> yes. >> it was -- >> cooler. >> it is cooler. this is the humidity, it's dropping. now we're all meteorologists. we're all experts, you know. >> all summer we've been saying, it's not the heat, it's the humidity, and today it's not the humidity, it's just hot outside. yesterday was outrageous. 104 degrees yesterday. so today's 97, almost tolerable. out there on the national mall today, it was national dance day. and a lot of folks put on their red shoes and danced the blues, all the way through the afternoon. good looking day to be outside. today you just had to keep your
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sunscreen on and keep yourself properly hydrated with a lot of water. looks like redskins cheerleaders out there as well. wonderful day to get outside and do a little moving around. you just couldn't move too quickly. 96 degrees, that's the current temperature at 6:00 in the evening. here's the reason today felt so much better than yesterday. our dew point temperatures back into the upper 50s. so our relative humidity, only 29%. that's like phoenix level relative humidity, by late july standards. that made all the difference. temperature 96. heat index only 96 degrees. so yeah, not much of a heat index to worry about for today. but it was just flat-out hot, no matter how you looked at it. temperatures still in the low to mid-90s. not much showing up on doppler right around town. there are thunderstorms, though, strong ones on top of charlottesville, heading down to roanoke and south side virginia. as you make your plans to get out and enjoy your saturday evening, temperatures in the low 90s through 7:00 p.m., back down
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into the mid to -- low to mid-80s by 9:00 p.m. the showers and storms just down to our south. and again, that's where they're going to stay, right along that front that went through here yesterday. that's what took the humidity up and shaved seven or eight degrees off our temperatures from yesterday. as the front slips ever southward, the rain chances go south pretty much along with it. tomorrow there will be a slight little chance of a shower or two. but that's going to be just about it. our next best chance for any rainfall shows up late monday afternoon, monday night, a little trough of low pressure coming our way. your evening will be warm and dry. evening temperatures, 90 to about 82 by 11:00 p.m. mild start to sunday. some of the cool spots out in the outlying areas may actually dip below 70 first thing in the morning. sunshine once again. toasty warm. but not too terribly humid. highs 88 to 94.
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bay water temperature 84. if you're headed down to the ocean, good weather at the beaches continues as well. what about our forecast here at home? 90s, 90s, 90s as far as the eye can see. all the way into next weekend. by next sunday, 90 or better. that ties the longest stretch of 90-degree days. >> we'll have to celebrate, with icy something to drink. coming up in sports, how
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john gets to do sports again. >> filling in. >> i know you love it. >> it's a lot of fun. >> the fans are loving being back at the park. >> it was fun. i was out there early this morning. they were there bright and er8. it was a lot of fun. for the first time this season, redskins park in ashburn was open to the public. the die-hards that showed up at 7:30 this morning got a chance to check out the new faces on the skins roster. quarterback john beck and ryan kerrigan from purdue. the linebacker has become an early fan favorite, staying late after practice signing dozens of autographs. but fans didn't get to see him in action. that's because the first practice in season yesterday, kerrigan got hurt. he started this day's practice
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on the stationary bike. he had a noticeable limp and did not participate in drills with the other linebackers. now, he did spend most of the day watching and learning from the veterans. but he hopes to get healthy soon and be ready for the start of the season. >> got hit a little bit in the leg and it's bruised. but it shouldn't be anything too problematic. just a little bruise. it felt a lot better than yesterday. knee kind of stiffened up yesterday. but it's responded a lot better today. i should be back before long. >> is there a timeline? >> there's no timeline. it's a day-by-day thing. >> the good thing about it, he's out there, and as you can see, getting all the mental reps. that's very important. you want him out there getting in football shape. hopefully it won't be long before he can get back and practice. but you get a bone bruise, you've got to wait until it heals. one, two days, five days, i don't know. it was much better today. the swelling was down.
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hopefully it's sooner rather than later. another guy looking to make his mark on this year's squad, fourth-year wide receiver malcolm kelly. an injury sidelined him all of last year which kelly told me was the longest time away from football. but the former university of oklahoma standout wasn't just sitting around for a year. instead, he lost 20 pounds, and is now faster, ready to compete for a starting job. >> i didn't really realize how long a year off is, you know what i'm saying? it's definitely different, to get back out there and running the routes and stuff like that. but it's good. the fans stuck behind us in the whole lockout thing. it's good when they get to come out and watch us practice. guys are going to be in every single year. it's an audition. i think we need to make sure my body is healthy. my body's healthy, everything will take care of itself. i've been working on that. and we'll see how it goes. as far as expectations, i really don't like to say numbers. with me, i just like to say i want to be healthy.
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i feel like if i'm healthy, i'm in the rotation and everything is going how it needs to go. >> are you going to be a starter? >> if i'm healthy, things will go how i want it to go. that's how it is. peyton manning signs a five-year $90 million contract with the colts. reports say he could have actually received $10 million more, which would have made him the highest paid player in the league. but get this, he opted to take less money so the colts can sign other free agents. >> nice. >> how about a team player. >> nice. >> the eagles continue to improve their roster, signing defensive tackle jenkins from the packers. a guy the redskins were actually looking at. in major league baseball trade deadline fast approaching tomorrow, the nationals decided to get some deals done early. today the team traded away utility player jerry hairston jr. to the milwaukee brewers, in exchange for outfielder eric ku mat so. he plays in aa ball, named the brewers' 2010 minor league player of the year.
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jason marquee has been dealt to the diamondbacks. in return washington will receive minor league prospect zach walters. the team will save almost $3 million by trading away hairston jr. and marquee. but we are told the nats may not be done dealing before tomorrow's 4:00 trade deadline. so stay tuned. highlights, last night nats hosting the mets. wong making his first start in two years, after shoulder surgery. he got himself in an early jam. bases loaded. lines it into left. justin turner comes around to skir. wong four earned runs in the inning. top four, 4-0 mets. ronny will just drop this ball into shallow right center. jason work can't come up with it. the throw at the plate. check this out. bang! nails him at home. don't try to run on ankiel.
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what a play. nats struggled with runners on base all night. bottom of the eighth. bases loaded. ryan zimmerman, catches him swinging with a checked swing. 8-5 to the mets, who have won six straight. interestingly enough, starting pitcher they dealt away was supposed to pitch tonight. we'll see what's going to happen with the nats. thanks, john. that's the news for now. "nightly news" is next. we'll be back here at 11:00. until then, have a
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